Migration to Institutional Emails through GSuite

In view of the university’s migration to alternative modes of teaching and learning as well as ensuring efficient administrative and other services through electronic means, the university shall be adapting an institutional electronic mailing account in partnership with Google. As a recipient of its GSuite for Education program, all personnel, faculty and students shall be provided with free GSuite accounts as well as access to the embedded services and applications.

G Suite for Education contains powerful tools that can be utilized for optimum efficiency in facilitating a dynamic teaching and learning process, as well as productivity in carrying out office functions. The tools include gmail, google classroom, google office collection, google drive and google meet, among others.

In view of the foregoing, all faculty members and employees are hereby advised to create their individual GoogleSuite institutional email account through the following steps.

Step 1.     Visit the university website by typing www.batstate-u.edu.ph  in any browser.

Step 2.     Click Services and Application at the tool bar and choose Employees Portal.

Step 3.     Sign in with your ID number as username. The ID number is printed at the back of your employee ID.

Step 4.     Your GSuite Credentials (Username and Temporary Password) are located at your Employee dashboard.

Step 5.     Use the your GSuite credentials to log-in to www.gmail.com using any browser. You will be asked to change the temporary password, during the first log-in.